Meet the Leaders of Our Organization

We believe that the foundation of any successful company should come from its leadership, which is why we take pride in having responsible, qualified, ethical, hands-on management.

For over 40 years, Dick has been a recognized as an expert in the field of commercial construction and has owned and managed AOW for 20 years. Dick’s leadership has positioned AOW as a premier provider of medical and senior care construction services; experience that remains unsurpassed in the region. Dick has developed strategic partnerships with clients in education, urban renewal, and public works. Dick strongly believes AOW’s primary responsibility is to Project Owners and makes every effort to ensure each project is thoughtfully conceived and executed to schedule, budget, and quality standards. Dick provides oversight to the budgeting and execution of every AOW project and his extreme attention to detail has become the hallmark of AOW’s approach. Dick holds several industry certifications and is also currently the Chairman of Eastern Contractors Association.

For nearly 30 years, Jim has served in a leadership capacity in the construction industry. In addition to receiving both a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Science in Building Technology from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Jim holds many certifications including his certification in healthcare construction from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering. Jim possesses an extensive knowledge of building construction and renovations and the components of estimating, scheduling, and staff management that are crucial to the success of AOW’s projects. Jim manages all of AOW’s bidding and estimating activities and is also responsible for providing oversight to AOW’s Project Management Team. A key component of AOW’s ability to maintain strong client relationships is Jim’s ability to maintain open and honest relationships while delivering quality construction results consistently. Jim has served as Executive Project Manager on projects in nearly every regional hospital, the SUNY Campus, and for a variety of private clients.

With nearly 20 years of experience working in the private sector, Nicki has a wide variety of knowledge working at an Executive Level in Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, Safety and Risk Management, and Marketing. She earned both her Bachelors and Master Degrees in Management, with concentrations in both Finance and Human Resources, from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Since joining AOW in 2011, she has brought this invaluable experience to her role as Chief Financial Officer which directly oversees these areas as well as Project Administration. Before working in the in the private sector, Nicki was employed by both the US Department of Defense, at the Armed Forces Recreation Facility in Garmisch, Germany serving as the Base’s Assistant Controller and at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s Office of Contracts and Grants in the role of Contract Administrator.

Craig has led field activities for nearly 7 years for AOW after 15 years of in-field supervisory experience on AOW’s key projects. Craig’s hands-on experience of over 30 years, and in-depth knowledge of all facets of construction are invaluable to AOW’s ability to self-perform and successfully manage work. Craig actively monitors project schedules and their progression and facilitates the implementation of AOW’s safety program. Craig is often client facing and is exceptional at fostering and maintaining trusting relationships. Likewise, Craig has developed strong working relationships with AOW’s loyal and extensive base of subcontractors. Craig is an excellent mentor to field supervisory staff and an innovative problem solver. Craig holds many certifications including his certification in healthcare construction from the American Society for Healthcare Engineering.

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