Village Green

Eddy Village Green is the first of its kind in New York State offering an innovative approach to nursing home care. Eliminating the conventional, institutional feel of traditional nursing facilities, the green houses, or small houses, are 16 ranch-style houses with each house accommodating 12 residents. The residents share a living room, dining room and kitchen but have their own private bedroom and bathroom.

The homes, complete with screened-in porches, are designed to look and feel like a personal residence. This three phase project was constructed on an existing nursing home site. Phasing was necessary to maintain existing buildings, access and services. Phase I construction on the $30 million project began in May 2008, with six houses completed and occupied in December 2008. Phase II construction began in January 2009 and was completed and occupied in January 2010. Phase 3 began in January 2010 and completed in August 2010. The 16 green houses can accommodate 192 seniors. Each wood framed, slab on grade building totals approximately 8,300 sf.

AOW utilized a panelized framing method to accelerate the schedule minimizing the disruption to the existing campus. An aggressive phasing schedule was developed by AOW with extensive communication with the Owner and Architect. The final phasing plan implemented at the beginning of the project allowed the Owner to occupy these innovative facilities ahead of schedule.