Stephen & Harriet Myers

AOW Associates was selected by the Albany Housing Authority initially with the intent to construct 10, 3 bedroom homes scattered throughout selected sites in Arbor Hill in the City of Albany. Originally scheduled to be completed in 3 Phases, AOW Associates completed the first phase which comprised of 4 of the homes, before the Albany Housing Authority ultimately was forced to suspend the project.

The completed portion of the project included the construction of 4 brand new homes on First and Second Streets with the exterior architecturally designed to fit the characteristics of the historic neighborhood. These homes, designed for moderate income owners, also included high energy appliances and mechanical services. The City of Albany generously provided a 15 year, incremental tax abatement program for each home and Albany County donated all of the property for the project.

AOW Associates has partnered with the Albany Housing Authority on many revitalization projects throughout the City of Albany and are proud to play a small part in developing affordable housing for the community.