Saratoga Emergency Department

Saratoga Hospital’s new Emergency Department entailed the construction of a $30 million, 60,000 square-foot, two story expansion. The new 42 bed facility occupies the entire first floor of the expansion and now provides four times more space than the previous E.D. All of the new exam rooms are spacious private rooms which allows seating for family members. The new E.D. includes 16 acute care rooms for people in life threatening situations, six urgent care rooms, six psychiatric case rooms within an observation unit and eight rooms for trauma and isolation cases.

The new department has capacity for 65,000 cases with state-of-the-art technology. The lower ground floor houses the hospitals information systems, pharmacy, supplies and storage. The new facility is supported by a 5,000 square foot addition which houses the loading docks and expanded hospital power plant, including three new emergency generators.

It is noteworthy that 3 months before the completion of the new Emergency Department addition, AOW was asked to construct an additional floor above this space. While working closely with the Owner and Architect, AOW opened the new Emergency Department on schedule despite these challenges.