Omni Phase III

Abandoned buildings and empty lots plague many of Albany’s neighborhoods and Albany’s South End is no exception. AOW is proud to be working this year on our 4th project in the neighborhood and we take great pride in the part we continue to play in revitalizing this neighborhood.

Building sustainable housing in neighborhoods such as the South End create many challenges. Financing may come from multiple sources and each source attaches their own conditions to the project. Prevailing Wage, MBE and WBE requirements, Section 3 hiring from the neighborhood, Energy Star III certification, asbestos and mold abatement, and historic preservation are as much a part of projects like this as the brick and mortar. All of these factors present challenges we welcome in the areas of scheduling and budget controls.

South End Revitalization Phase III includes 56 new apartment units in eight different buildings, varying in size from 2 units to 18 units per building. While 5 of the buildings are new construction, the other 3 buildings are renovations entirely new throughout, with their original facades preserved. A phased approach was taken with this project and buildings are turned over to the Owner as they are completed.