Omni Phase II

Continuing our work with the Albany Housing Authority, AOW was selected to perform the construction and renovations needed for the South End Revitalization Phase II Project. This project included the construction of 9 single family houses, 24 apartments in 4 new buildings, and the restoration of 3 existing buildings with 7 apartments.

Building 9 single family houses on 3 different streets according to HCR requirements is standard fare. Building 4 three story buildings on vacant lots between existing buildings on a busy street increases the challenge. The restoration of existing row houses involved selective demolition while shoring neighboring buildings, asbestos, lead, and mold abatement, and historic restoration of existing wood windows, doors, interior moldings and trims. All units comply with the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal’s Green Building Initiative and have received NYSERDA’s Energy Star Labeled Home designation for their energy efficient design, HVAC systems, building materials, and appliances.

AOW is proud to have worked with the Albany Housing Authority to meet the needs of families in the City of Albany on this project and its predecessors which included Eagle Court Apartments and the Jared Holt townhomes project.