Columbia Memorial Hospital

AOW was selected to Perform renovations of the 5th, 6th, and portions of the 1st floor for Columbia Memorial Hospital.
The project consisted of the interior renovation of 3 floors in the heart of the Hospital Patient areas with multiple phases. The first floor area covered 5,400 square feet and included the histology lab, specimen processing, chemistry & immunology, hematology, and the blood bank. This work was divided into 4 Phases and entailed working each phase adjacent to an occupied space.

The renovated sixth floor includes patient rooms averaging 250 square feet with modern headwall units, sustainable finishes, and satellite nurse stations located to allow constant patient visibility with minimal foot traffic for staff. This area is 14,000 square feet, M and A wings were divided into 2 phases, consisting of the renovation of Patient rooms and associated support rooms.

In order to better serve the mental health patients of the Columbia Memorial Hospital, a renovation of the 5th floor was in order. The hospital wanted to add space for treating psychiatric patients to include several common and activity areas as well as rooms designed to accommodate group therapy. Rooms for patients requiring overnight care were also remodeled during this phase to include unique hardware for doors and cabinetry selected to ensure patient safety. The 6th floor renovation also freed up beds within the existing Emergency Department and medical and surgical patients receive faster service.

The final area is approximately 7,600 square feet and divided into 5 Phases and due to careful planning by AOW, construction was completed without patient or staff disturbance.