The construction of Albany Medical Center’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit was an especially gratifying project. This specialized unit was designed to give comfort to children and their families during their hospital stay. The location of the unit in a newly renovated space on the seventh floor of the hospital, between the Maternity Ward on the sixth and the Critical Care Ward on the eighth, demanded meticulous coordination in scheduling of demolition and construction. Utilities to the floors above, below, and adjacent to the Pediatric Care Unit had to be maintained, and existing plumbing, steam and sprinkler lines that passed through the project needed to be relocated to keep all areas functional.

Working closely with the owner, AOW developed micro-schedules for shutdowns and sequencing strategies that permitted temporary use of certain spaces while critical areas were being renovated. The careful coordination of new ductwork, structural steel , and mechanical utilities also preserved existing services. Dust in patient areas was a critical concern. AOW minimized migration of construction and demolition dust by isolating open mechanical shafts and sealing existing wall and floor penetrations; erecting temporary vestibules with sticky walk-off mats to reduce tracking.; and using powerful exhaust fans in the construction areas, further minimizing transmission of dust.

Sensitivity to scheduling and the owners concerns for safety and ongoing operations enabled this project to proceed successfully to completion with all wards remaining open and functional and only minimal disruption to patients and staff.