Albany Medical College Animal Vivarium

Albany Medical College, one of the oldest medical schools in the country, was founded in 1839 and is a part of Albany Medical Center which includes Albany Medical Center Hospital. The college recognizes the importance of innovative research in order to advance treatments and therapies that serve to save lives. The College believes proper training of future physicians requires the study of animals and most major advances in understanding diseases, their prevention, diagnosis, and treatment have resulted from animal studies.
AOW was selected to construct a 14,300 sf Laboratory Resource Facility to accommodate the study of animals in the basement level of the college. The work included minor renovations to the adjacent laboratory facility and a new fit up in an unoccupied portion of an adjacent space. This newly created space also required alterations within the existing second floor mechanical room and running of services from the second floor to the basement within existing shafts and chases. The mechanical and electrical system included the installation of a new rooftop exhaust fan, air handling unit, ductwork, laboratory gases, sprinkler and standpipe installations, and lighting controls. Biosafety cabinets and associated owner furnished equipment were also introduced into the space. The entire facility was constructed of hard surfaces to allow for ease of cleaning and sterilization.

AOW has successfully completed many projects at Albany Medical Center; the Animal Vivarium is the largest project we have completed for the College.