I would recommend AOW for any project. They took the pressure off of KJ and just moved the project along, dealing with architects, contractors, Utilities, the Town of Colonie, suppliers, all the way through the completion of our project. The people at AOW always kept the time frame in mind and of most importance, the budget. All decisions, changes, unforeseen obstacles were handled with the attitude they were spending their own money. We relied on AOW for their engineering, construction knowledge, and their partners to move the building along while maintaining our best cost. With all the decisions that needed to be made, we were given alternatives to help save money and expedite the project. All the people here at KJ Electric that had to work with AOW said how attentive and easy they were to work with, also the professionalism of everyone at AOW was second to none. We thank all the people at AOW for a project well done.