Eco-Friendly Construction

images-131-300x133AOW is dedicated to working with Engineers and Architects as a part of the project team to establish goals and objectives relating to sustainable construction. Establishing this outlook during the early planning and design phases of the project is essential in order to implement strategies that minimize the overall impact of the project on the environment.

AOW has Project Management Staff with LEED AP Building Design and Construction Certification, giving them the ability to review and understand all LEED requirements. Additionally, AOW is able to serve as LEED Administrator on a project which provides a LEED credit for Innovation and Design.

Sustainable Construction requires the use of several strategies in order to reduce environmental impact and can include appropriate site planning and building positioning, incorporation of renewable energy sources into the building’s services, water efficiency measures, use of energy efficient appliances, incorporation of products derived from recycled materials, and using building materials that ultimately conserve energy use.
While a sustainable project is under construction, AOW contracts with a waste management vendor that separates construction debris to minimize impact on landfills. Individual dumpsters are provided onsite for metal, wood, clean-fill, construction debris, and recycling of glass, cardboard, and plastic. Our field staff and vendors work to separate construction waste and dispose of appropriately.

Communicating sustainable construction requirements to all vested parties and promoting active involvement throughout the project’s life cycle is key to successful execution.