ss-6897517AOW’s Safety and Health Program is of fundamental importance as is the commitment to AOW staff, clients, vendors, and the general public to insure work environments are free from potential and real hazards. Potential risks are identified in the early stages of preconstruction with a proactive review of overall constructability including the proposed timeframe for construction.

    AOW implements a site-specific safety plan during the construction process incorporating both subcontractor and project owner requirements. All management and supervisory personnel are responsible for planning safety into each activity and for preventing the occurrence of incidents by controlling site conditions and actions that could lead to occupational injuries or illnesses.

    AOW employees actively contribute to the safety culture. The ultimate success of AOW’s Health and Safety Program is truly dependent on the full cooperation and involvement of each individual employee. Management at AOW assumes accountability for Safety and is prepared to take the necessary actions to see that all policies, procedures, and best practices, whether imposed by AOW or its clients, are enforced and effective training is provided.

    Safety will never be sacrificed for production. Safety is integral to quality control, cost reduction, and job efficiency. Project superintendents are accountable for the implementation of safe practices by AOW employees. AOW’s Safety Manager oversees safety and risk management. Safety meetings, weekly tool box talks, on-site training, and surprise site inspections all work collectively to reinforce the importance of safety on the job site. AOW also expects hired subcontractors to employ the same level of care and consideration relative to health and safety.

    AOW’s primary goal with their Safety and Health Program is the total elimination of accidents from our operations, allowing each employee the right to pursue their livelihood in a safe and productive environment. AOW endeavors to eliminate the risk of incidental injuries, occupational illnesses, and property damage that a staff member, a vendor, a project owner, or a member of the general public may encounter.

    AOW has historically outperformed other construction firms in respect to their overall safety record to include incidents of injury, occupational illness, and property damage claims.

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