Richard A. Oliver

With over 40 years of hands-on experience in the field of construction, Dick Oliver has become a leading regional Contractor in many segments of the industry. Dick’s leadership has positioned AOW Associates as a premier provider of construction services for medical and senior care providers; experience that remains unsurpassed in the region. He has also led AOW to become a preferred partner for a number of clients associated with higher education, public works, and urban renewal projects.

Dick’s level of expertise in the areas of estimating and scheduling, drive the company to perform consistently above the client’s budget and scheduling expectations. Dick is at the forefront of establishing and maintaining solid client relationships which has been critical to AOW’s continued success. Dick strongly believes AOW’s responsibility is to the Owner and makes every effort to ensure each project is thoughtfully conceived and executed.

Dick’s professional experience in all phases of design and construction allows AOW to have full confidence in what is promised and what is ultimately delivered. Dick takes pride in the extreme attention to detail paid to every project, regardless of size or purpose, which has become the hallmark of AOW’s approach. Dick takes the lead in promoting continuous and open communication throughout the project team and assumes an active role with each project AOW undertakes.

Dick’s experience with a wide range of projects allows AOW to anticipate potential concerns and provide alternatives at every phase of the project. Dick has performed projects for medical, senior care, and assisted living organizations, higher education, K-12, and daycare providers, public works and urban revitalization entities, projects involving historical renovations, office space projects, and a variety of interesting other projects of note.

Dick’s range of work and client list is extensive; whether building or renovating large-scale Emergency, Surgery, Intensive Care, or Patient Care space, or renovating historical living space for the City of Albany, or building new corporate headquarters for an international high-tech firm, or adding on and renovating a community church, Dick’s commitment to quality, schedule, and budget remains unchanged. AOW is proud to associate its name with every project we complete.

Qualifications | Education

  • 43 Years of Construction Experience
  • 8 Years Sole Owner, AOW Associates
  • 7 Years VP & Partner, AOW Associates
  • 28 Years VP & Project Executive, Sano Rubin
    Construction Company, Inc.
  • A.A. in Construction Technology, H.V.C.C.
  • Executive Board of Directors, Eastern
    Contractors Association

Licenses & Certifications

  • PCB Awareness
  • ASHE Healthcare Construction Certification